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Rubber Pavers

Rubber Pavers Brisbane

Enjoying your outdoor space is now super easy with Brisbane Safety Matting. Try our range of specialized rubber pavers, a great investment that’ll give traditional materials like tile and stone a run for their money. Our rubber pavers offer you much more for both residential and commercial use.

Transform boring outdoor space into exciting outdoor living experiences.

Looking for a comfortable, easy to maintain, safe outdoor space? It doesn’t matter the reason, more and more people are considering rubber pavers over traditional outdoor paving options. Our rubber pavers are slip resistant; thereby, preventing nasty falls. You’ll feel reassured that your children can safely play outside. Available in a variety of colors, rubber pavers offer more versatility and are excellent noise inhibitors; a perfect choice for spaces that seek zero sound interference. Super cool, these pavers won’t absorb atmospheric temperatures; so protect your feet from burns, on hot outdoor paving. You’ll find your rubber paving is super easy to clean and maintain and won’t cause bacterial build-up.

Rubber pavers are made from grounded old tires, which are then treated to withstand gruelling weather conditions.

Create your signature outdoor living space for you and the whole family to enjoy

With years of experience, we can help you achieve optimum benefits and long-lasting results.

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