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Rubber Flooring and Matting

Buy the Best Safety Rubber Matting in Brisbane

MatTek formally Brisbane Safety Matting provides an ideal flooring solution for your needs!

Our safety matting is perfect for high traffic areas and locations where a secure and non-slippery floor surface is required. This popular flooring choice minimises the risk of dangerous slips and falls in wet and greasy conditions while providing extra insulation and durability in high-impact areas.

Anti slip rubber matting offered by MatTek formally Brisbane Safety Matting is manufactured to the highest standards and comes in a range of sizes, textures and styles to suit your needs. Safety matting provides a firm, flexible and non-slippery surface that is versatile and hard-wearing. It can withstand much more than other types of flooring, and for these reasons, rubber matting is often used in children’s playgrounds and day care centres where durability and safety are of paramount importance.

The hard-wearing nature of rubber matting makes it a smart choice for hallways, corridors and high-traffic public areas where the wrong flooring can deteriorate quickly and become a safety hazard. Soft fall rubber in Brisbane is also suitable for places where people need to stand for long periods of time as it puts less strain on the legs. This flooring solution is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways in homes, as well as for schools, offices, hospitals, supermarkets and workshops.

Safety matting is frequently used for gymnasium rubber flooring and in other sporting venues due to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Rubber safety tiles can be installed loosely, meaning that adhesive and labour costs are reduced and there is no expensive clean-up if they have to be removed. As businesses often need to relocate, rubber safety tiles are a convenient and low-cost option.

Tactiles are also available and can be used for a range of purposes. Modular tactile ground indicators provide a safe, non-slip surface and come in a range of colours and styles.

Ground surface tactiles indicators are ideal for making slippery areas safe.

Guardian Tactile Tiles are a form of anti slip rubber matting that are designed to make people more aware of the surface they are walking on. Because the raised texture of the tiles can be felt through footwear, they are used to warn visually impaired people of dangerous areas and their anti slip surface prevents falls and accidents for everyone.

These tactiles indicators are often employed in potentially hazardous spots like entrances and corridors which can become slippery in wet weather. They are ideal for change rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and verandahs. Tactile indicators are used to meet stringent safety standards in hospitals, schools, restaurants and sporting facilities by ensuring that the safety of visitors is a priority.

MatTek formally Brisbane Safety Matting provides a qualitative range of safety tiles which can also be used in conjunction with playground rubber flooring in childcare centres as the textured surface is ideal for keeping young children safe. The Guardian Tactile System offered by us has been designed with safety in mind, and this is demonstrated in the fact that the CSIRO have given the system a slip rating of R12 which is much higher than the Australian Standards requirements. The CSIRO also found that the tiles are as resistant to wear as ceramic and granite tiles, making them a very sound investment.

In addition to their exceptional safety features, the modular tiles are attractive, cost-effective and easy to install as they use innovative Peel, Bond & Walk technology. Guardian tiles are available in a range of colours and styles and customised orders are available. Our professional and friendly staff are more than happy to discuss your requirements. Like our gymnasium rubber flooring, Guardian tiles are produced in squares which can be configured in an endless variety of ways, making them a versatile and flexible choice.

Add a memorable first impression with a Custom Printed Logo Mat

Our Custom Printed Logo Mats are perfect for Commercial Buildings, Shopping Centres, retails shops and many more occasions.

Personal branded logo mats are a brilliant way of marketing and impressing your customers at the first instance. Whether it be the main front door, a loose lay mat, a mat for a tenancy, custom logo mats can be used to brighten up any area as well as convey any important messages.

At MatTek we offer a large range of custom matting solutions to help you create the “WOW” factor in your facilities.

Our custom printed logo mats are the number one choice for many business owners because we have such a wide range of cost effective options to suit all business’s needs .

Highly Resilient Anti Slip Rubber Matting

Safety rubber matting is durable, versatile and cost effective flooring solution which significantly reduces the risk of falls and accidents in wet or greasy environments. Our products provide safe, non-slip surfaces for homes, businesses, sporting facilities, hospitals and schools.

Non-slip products available with us include anti fatigue and safety mats which come in different sizes and styles. We have heavy duty mats for industrial conditions, safety mats for factories and food preparation areas, and even a Bubble Matt which is designed to reduce the strain on the legs and back.

Playground rubber matting is a popular non-slip choice for childcare centres, schools and play areas because it provides a safe, durable surface for children to run and tumble on. This matting is ideal for outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements and get a lot of wear and tear. It is cost effective, attractive and easy to maintain.

For sporting facilities and gymnasium rubber flooring, safety tiles offer the perfect solution. They can be laid without the use of adhesives, making them flexible and easy to install.

We also provide tactiles in Brisbane for tactile ground surface indicators. Guardian Tactiles are hard wearing polyurethane tiles with a non-slip surface that can be configured for any area due to their modular shape.

MatTek formally Brisbane Safety Matting staff are experts in installing anti slip surfaces and we have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you make the right flooring choice for your needs.

MatTek formally Brisbane Safety Matting was established in 1999 and we have been providing quality products and installation for almost two decades in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Our staff are professional and experienced with the in-depth knowledge and skills required to install safety matting to the highest quality standard. We provide a range of flooring products, including tactiles Brisbane, for safe, non-slip surfaces.

Customer Service

MatTek formally Brisbane Safety Matting is committed to providing quality customer service to the clients. We strive to ship your order on the day it is placed whenever possible and offer a competitive flat delivery fee per product for customers in Brisbane and surrounding areas. For other areas, we provide an obligation-free quote based on location and weight of the consignment.

All our products are sold with full manufacturer’s warranty, unless otherwise stated. Refunds and exchanges are available for faulty or damaged products, as per the warranty. We give our customers a reasonable time frame to examine their goods and alert us regarding any issues with the order.

Our prices are listed in Australian dollars and include GST. We accept payment by credit card, pay pal, cheque or money order (Australian) and electronic funds transfers.

Because we value our customers, MatTek formally Brisbane Safety Matting guarantees that under no circumstances is the information provided to us sold to external persons or companies.

Your information is only collected when you provide an email address or delivery address when you place an order. We do not collate any information while you browse through our website and you remain anonymous at all times. Apart from when you place an order with us, the only other time we may request your personal information is for the purpose of entering a competition or taking part in a survey, and the collection of information at such times is voluntary. Once we have collected your information, it remains solely with us and we do not sell it on to any other companies or persons. Our staff are fully aware of the importance of maintaining privacy for our customers and will never disclose your information.

Established in 1972, MatTek formally Brisbane Safety Matting staff have the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice on flooring. Installation of our flooring products requires specialised skills that we have honed over 48 years of servicing states around Australia . Our products and installations are the best because we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Whether it's advice you are seeking about non-slip surfaces and safety flooring, or an obligation-free quote, please contact us so that you can benefit from our many years of experience.

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