Logo / Message Mat (3000x850mm)

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The state of the art Ink Jet technology provides high definition prints with a range of 54 standard colours plus with the availability of PMS colour MATCHING which gives you access to 1,000’s of colours, meaning that the possibilities are endless... In fact the only limitation is your imagination!

The 100% Nylon surface, unlike most other logo Mats in the market ours are specifically tufted and engineered for printing on using Inkjet technology, they have a short tight pile which provides the perfect medium for excellent definition and design reproduction. The backing is 100% Nitrile Rubber, which is probably the single most important component. Nitrile Rubber is classified as a food grade rubber and does not contain any impurities. It is resistant to Oil, Grease, Bleach and most chemicals, it has the highest none slip rating, and is guaranteed to always lay flat, not curl up, crack, or smell and stain the floor underneath.

The rubber is UV resistant also and it is the only rubber that can be commercially washed, this means you can if required wash the mats in a washing machine.

Due to the high quality materials used in manufacture and the method of printing the mats are suitable for indoor & outdoor use, and can be commercially machine washed, we give a 3 year guarantee that your mat will retain as a min 80% of its image at the end of 3 years, coupled with a 3 year guarantee for the whole mat